Whether it’s creating the perfect Easter basket, organizing an egg hunt in your yard, or just having a party, Easter wouldn’t be the same without egg-shaped, bunny-themed, chick-inspired candy. This year, we’re going to kick it up several notches and say yes to all the sugary, Easter deals on candy out there. Here are some of our favorites.

Peeps cake in a Cup

The cake mix has mini marshmallows and comes with a Peeps-themed mug for an instant microwave mug cake. Available at Price $5.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Bunny Kit

The package comes with a bunny-shaped mold so that you can make your own Easter-themed Rice Krispies Treats. Let the treats cool down and then go ham (or bunny) decorating them with the icing and jellybeans included in the packet. Available at Price $5.99.

Butterfinger NestEggs

Chocolate eggs are a classic Easter treat but these have the flavor of a Butterfinger candy bar. There’s a crunchy version too. Available at Price $2.98.

Milk Chocolate Dip-It Rabbit with Jif Peanut Butter

This Russell Stover Easter Candy is a chocolate bunny that you can dip into a jar of Jif peanut butter (included). The flavor pairing is familiar and comforting. Available at Price $4.99.

Whoppers Robin Eggs

These pastel eggs are pretty to look at and taste like little bursts of spring. We recommend pressing them into cookie dough and baking cookies for the whole family to enjoy a fun, sweet surprise. Available at Price $2.98.

Cracking Up Kebob

So you’ve had a kebob before but have you ever had candy skewered on a stick? Enjoy your Candy Kebab by nibbling on each treat in turn or eat it like a regular person by mixing it all up in one big bite. Available at Price $8.00.

Oreo Chocolate Egg with Cookie Pieces

This one has a chocolate hollow egg stuffed with Oreo crème and broken bits of cookie. What’s not to love? Available at Price $12.99.