It’s a well-known fact that holiday shopping can be intense, but if you shop the right way, it doesn’t have to be. So, here’s our special gift to you – in this article, we’ve narrowed down the top Christmas shopping apps to help save money and your sanity this year.

Save up to 40% on holiday travel using Hopper

Hopper keeps track of billions of flight prices every day to predict the best time to buy flight tickets you need. You could save up to 40% on your upcoming holiday travel by following their recommendations.

Get delivery notifications and track delayed packages with Slice

Slice works with your email service provider to automatically register tracking numbers from your online purchase receipts. This app works with any shipment partner including USPS®, FedEx®, DHL®, UPS®, and more. You could automatically get push notifications or see delayed packages when items are out for delivery so that nothing gets taken from your porch during this season.

Track every gift purchase and stay on budget with Santa’s Bag

Worried about someone finding your secret hand-written list of gifts? The Santa’s Bag app solves such holiday issues. Organize your gift ideas for each person you need to shop for, note down the gifts you’ve already purchased, and add your allotted budget for each individual and the money you’ve spent so far, with this app. You could even categorize what you have left to wrap!

Get family and friends to create their wish lists on Giftster®If you don’t like figuring out what to purchase for your friends or family, skip the hassle and ask them to make a wish list using Giftster®. You can then buy all of the items on these wish lists from any retailer in the world including Etsy. If you have loved ones who don’t use smartphones, get them to use the Giftster® website to create wish lists.