Don’t you love the rush you get when you’re bidding for products on eBay? Well, an even bigger rush is getting in on this savings action. Try these five eBay shopping hacks that will facilitate massive savings and still allow you your daily dose of retail therapy. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

 Download the eBay browser plugin

Timing is everything and this eBay Chrome extension helps you swoop in for a sale or purchase at just the right time. The extension keeps track of items you’re bidding for or selling and even alerts you to daily deals.

Get the eBay app

The eBay app is available for iPhone and Android and sends you notifications and updates about the product you have your eye on. The biggest advantage is the convenience of having the app on your phone when you’re out. Let’s say you’re window shopping and you spot something you like. Simply take a photo of the item with the eBay app’s search bar, and the app will find similar items for sale in a matter of minutes.

Keep an eye on the Daily Deals page

This page features new deals and fantastic limited-time deals on tech, fashion, home and garden goods, and more.

Look for the blue star next to seller ratings

Good sellers are identified by the number of stars they have. Sellers with 50 or more ratings are awarded a blue star, which shows that the product has legs to stand on. The blue star is a godsend if you’re on the market for designer goods from secondhand sellers. They signify the authenticity of the product and the integrity of the seller so you’re less likely to get scammed.

Favorite products you like

The next time you’re browsing eBay, click the heart next to the product in the app or on These items get added to a Saved list that you can check back on when you’re planning a purchase or have the budget for a shopping splurge. This cuts down on the time you spend mindlessly browsing.