If you’re a Hobby Lobby enthusiast, you already know about the 40% off coupon (available on the Hobby Lobby app or website), but that’s just scratching the surface. There’s a ton of even greater ways you can save at Hobby Lobby, and we’re here to spill the beans. Try these five cash-saving shopping hacks the next time you’re at the ‘Lob.

Use your coupon instead of the sales discount

If you see an item you like for 20 percent off the original price, you can just ask the cashier to apply your 40 percent off coupon instead. You get an additional 20 percent off unless the item has a yellow “Your Price” tag. No, you can’t combine the coupon with the sales discount (this isn’t heaven), but you do get a pretty sweet deal.

Look out for the red tags

These are items that have been assigned to the clearance section and are available at marked down prices.

Use Hobby Lobby Printable Coupons

All 40 percent off coupons, whether they’re available on the app or the website can only be used by one person. However, a family of four has the power of numbers. Print multiple coupons from the website, give them to your kids and get your kids to stand in line with items you want to buy. It’s foolproof!

Shop around the sales schedule

Memorize the Hobby Lobby sales schedule like it’s a battle plan. That way you’ll know when you could get up to 50 percent off on an item that you like. Most stores switch over from one sales week to the next on Saturday evenings around closing time, so if you’re really lucky, and you happen to be in the store at the exact right time, you can take advantage of the overlap in sales, and save money. It’s a stretch but everyone gets lucky sometimes.