A big part of maximizing your grocery coupons is knowing which grocery stores you can shop at. This involves getting up and personal with store policy and being familiar with the landscape of deals across stores. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wade through pages of policy. Just read through our picks of the top four retailers that have irresistible couponing policies.

Walmart: We recommend shopping at Walmart if you are still getting the hang of couponing. You can use one coupon per item, there’s no coupon limit and the store allows you to use coupons on clearance and rollback items. There are two stand-out features in Walmart’s couponing policy. First, if you have a coupon worth more than the price of an item, the store applies the extra to your bill and may give you cashback. Second, it allows “free-product” coupons from the newspaper. These are coupons from the manufacturer for free items (excluding sales tax) and very few stores accept them.

Target: Target boasts over 500 cartwheel offers, so it’s the best place to shop if you like a variety of deals and discounts. You can stack a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, and a Cartwheel offer per item to get a fantastic deal. Like Walmart, they accept free-product coupons and also allow coupons on clearance items.

Kroger: Kroger’s is another great store that gives you your money’s worth when it comes to couponing. However, their best feature is that they allow you to redeem manufacturing coupons during the Kroger Grocery Pickup service, allowing you to save without actually stepping out of your house. You can also use free item coupons and digital coupons from their app.

CVS: CVS has no coupon limit, adjusts the coupon value for items that are less than the coupon, and allows coupon stacking. That’s not all. With their unique CVS ExtraBucks deal, you can earn points on every transaction. CVS counts the money on those points before they apply your coupon, which makes for significant savings.