Deals and discounts are amazing, but nothing really beats getting freebies. If you don’t know where to look for freebies, read on!

1. Check out online community marketplaces:

Facebook groups and Craigslist are excellent sources to get freebies. You’ll likely be able to find things like furniture, appliances, and plants, among other things for free using these online communities. All you need to do to get the freebie is contact the seller and schedule a date for when you can pick it up.

2. Ask for samples:

Many department stores that sell beauty and fragrance products offer free samples to customers. Even if you can’t find any of these samples in the store, you could request them online through the retailer’s website.

3. Sign up for rewards and loyalty programs:

If you visit specific stores or restaurants frequently, you should certainly consider signing up for their rewards program. Many stores and restaurants give customers freebies on their anniversaries, birthdays, and sometimes when a particular amount of money has been spent. You could get free gift cards, shipping, free food, etc., throughout the year this way.

4. Participate in online surveys:

If you have some time on your hands, consider visiting survey sites that will give you gift cards, prizes, or money when you complete and submit a survey. Doing this is quite easy, but the catch is that you may end up spending a lot of time.

5. Use your credit card rewards:

If you have a rewards credit card, you may be earning rewards like cashback, points, and miles for using your card. Many people, however, forget to redeem their credit card rewards. Keep in mind that these rewards have an expiry date, so make sure to redeem them on time.

6. Make use of coupons:

You probably know that coupons give you discounts, but did you know that many coupons may even help you get freebies. Check out freebie websites, websites of stores and restaurants, and the newspaper to find these coupons.

7. Sign up or subscription box trials:

Subscription boxes are great but can be very expensive. But, you could get many of these subscription boxes for free by signing up for the trial period.