If your third stimulus check is yet to arrive, it’s safe to assume that you’re getting concerned about what happened to it. Here, we tell you what you need to do to track your stimulus payment. 

Check the status on IRS’ Get My Payment tool

To get an update on your stimulus check, you could use the IRS’ Get My Payment tool. To track your check through this tool, you will need to enter your date of birth, Social Security number, ZIP or postal code, and street address. The tool will then display a message, informing you about the status of the payment. You can expect to see things like whether your check has already been sent or if it is scheduled to be sent, the method of payment, and the date on which the stimulus money was issued. 

Keep in mind that the Get My Payment tool will not give you hourly updates – the status is usually updated only once daily. 

Track your paper check with the USPS app

If your check has been sent via mail, the US Postal Service has a free app, called Informed Delivery, that you can use to receive notifications regarding when your check will be delivered to you. 

Keep your stimulus payment confirmation letter handy

Once the IRS issues a check, you will receive a notice by mail. The mail will be sent to your last known address, and it contains details regarding when and how the payment was made and mentions what to do if you did not receive as much as you should have. You will need this letter later as a reference if you don’t receive your complete payment and need to claim your money at a later date.