The online shopping experience has been revolutionized over the last decade, and most consumers are now using the Internet to buy everything from groceries to electronics. If you use Amazon everyday to shop, here are some strategies, helpful tips, and advice to save time and money when shopping.

Choose an Amazon Day

Prime members who want to manage their deliveries better can fix an “Amazon Day” when they can receive their packages at once instead of waiting for multiple deliveries. This helps shoppers select a day when they’re most likely to be home, reducing the risk of package theft. Doing this also makes it more likely that Amazon will combine your orders into fewer shipments, leaving you with fewer empty boxes to dispose of.

Spot fake reviews

Amazon has battled “fake reviews,” and while there are plenty of ways to spot them yourself, you could also outsource the chore. To do this, use a third-party tool that uses algorithms to analyze the language and identify which reviews are more likely to be fake or unreliable.

Share your Amazon Prime membership

Among the list of Amazon hacks worth checking out, this is the most important one. Did you know that you could split the costs of a Prime membership with other people, but maintain your own accounts? You could easily save $119 on a yearly membership and get benefits like Prime shipping, Prime Video, and Prime Now!

Separate the bad deals from the good deals

When a product is on sale but has previously reached a lower price, the price will go down again. There are many tools and third-party sites that can help you to spot these discounts. At a glance, you’ll know if the item is frequently on sale or if it never goes on sale.

Don’t forget to comparison shop

Amazon doesn’t always offer the best discounts on every product. In fact, you may be able to quickly find a lower price on another site. So, be sure to look around and factor in shipping as well.