Rakuten, Honey, and BeFrugal are all great choices for getting cashback. Here’s what to know about these three websites to pick the one that works the best for you:


Rakuten is currently the most popular coupon and cashback website. It offers a cashback incentive for making purchases at just about any retail store. The widespread use of Rakuten means that every purchase you make online at a qualifying store merchant will give you a significant cashback amount. The minimum threshold to cash out is $5 or more.

Rakuten also runs double cashback events, during which the regular cashback percentage for shopping at participating merchants doubles. Advantages of the Rakuten cashback Chrome plugin include:

– good customer service

– frequent cashback reminders

– mobile-friendly

– several cashback promotions and overall high payouts per merchant


The famous Honey Chrome add-on revolutionized cashback and coupon redemption. Before Honey was developed, coupon websites didn’t offer cashback, let alone offer it in a seamless, easy-to-use manner. Once installed, the Honey add-on automatically applies existing coupon codes and offers you free cashback if the purchase qualifies. The minimum threshold to cash out is $10 or more. Advantages of the Honey cashback Chrome plugin include:

– easy-to-use user interface

– reasonable cashback rates across merchant catalog

– instantaneous cashback reminders

– mobile-friendly


BeFrugal may be the smallest competitor on this list, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate it. Compared to Rakuten and Honey, BeFrugal often offers much more generous rates for qualifying merchants. If you plan to use multiple cashback platforms and want to get the highest cashback percentage, cross-check the cashback rate BeFrugal offers. The minimum threshold to cash out is $25 or more. Advantages of the BeFrugal Chrome plugin include:

– competitive cashback rates for qualifying merchants

– frequent promotions

– mobile-friendly

– frequent cashback reminders

Using a single cashback platform is ideal. However, if you shop online a lot, using multiple platforms makes sense as you can spread your cashback earnings across various websites. Optimizing your spending habits and determining the stores you frequently shop at is the best way to pick the cashback platform best suited to your needs.