Coin collectors know that rare coins are valuable. Some of them get very excited over finding the next rare coin to add to their collection. Below are some rare coins that cost almost a million dollars. Read on to learn more about these rare coins and why they are so sought after by coin collectors.

1804 Silver Dollar Class I – $4.1 million

 The oldest and rarest of all U.S. coins, the 1804 Silver Dollar is also known as the “King of Coins.” There are three different classes of the 1804 Silver Dollar. It’s known that only 15 of these 1804 Silver Dollar coins exist today.

1922-D Lincoln, No D, Strong Reverse, Die Pair 2 – $63,000

This rare coin is officially 3.11 grams in weight and is made from copper, tin, and zinc. Like the previous coin, this coin is missing the mint mark due to Denver Mint’s damaged die.

1873 Doubled ‘Closed 3’ Indian Head Penny – $12,650

The Indian, one cent penny, was designed in two patterns. Its uniqueness lies in the gap in the number ‘three’ in the year “1873.” If the gap is wide, then it’s considered as “Open 3.” If not, it’s regarded as a “Closed 3.”

1914-S Lincoln Penny – $105,800

This rare bronze coin has a diameter of 19 mm and weighs about 3.11 grams. As it’s primarily made with copper, it has a bright red color that didn’t fade out due to reduced circulation and good preservation methods.