These summer essentials are going to be flying off the shelves as it gets warmer. Stock up now to make the most of the season.

Air conditioner

This year experts predict that it’s going to be hotter than ever so make sure your home is equipped with either central air conditioning or a window air conditioning unit. Look for features like cooling capacity, an energy-saving LED display, and the ability to connect to your smart home assistant. We recommend the GE Profile ENERGY STAR 8 which can be bought at Sam’s Club for just $349.

Gas Grill

Nothing beats a summer barbecue but if you wait till Father’s Day to buy one, it’s probably already too late. Check out the Weber Spirit II E-310 which outperforms other models in its category and is available at Home Depot.

A fan

Even with an AC unit, the air can seem still and suffocating in the summer. Remedy this with a high-quality fan like the Vornado 666. At $99 at Home Depot, it’s a steal, delivering fantastic airflow and circulation and cooling a room almost instantly.

Lawn games

A lot of us are still erring on the side of caution and staying at home this summer. But staying in doesn’t have to be boring. Invest in lawn games like cornhole, Flickin’ Chicken, and Spike Ball. If you’re game, you can even buy a life-sized Jenga Tower for plenty of backyard fun with family or your roommates.

A slip and slide

If you have the kind of backyard that supports it, a slip and slide is a great way to stay cool and beat a stifling afternoon. It’s cheaper than a pool and does the job just as efficiently.

Charcoal for your grill

There’s nothing as disappointing as running out of charcoal when you’re all fired up for Barbecue season. Stock up on Royal Oak Lump Charcoal. It’s lightweight, burns for a relatively long time, and is only $9.87 for a bag at Walmart.