Missed the Black Friday madness? No problem. January sales are great for smart shoppers, coupon hoarders, and bargain hunters. You just have to know which items are ripe for buying and which ones you can afford to wait for.

Buy planners

Are you the queen of productivity and planning? Great! You can also be the queen of mega-savings. Prices for planners free-fall after January 1.

Buy bed linen

If you like a thread count that’s as high as your standards (sky-high), hit up all your favorite retailers now. High-quality luxury bedding, towels, sheets, carpets, and other staple furnishings are widely available at rock-bottom prices during January.

Buy holiday décor

Tree ornaments, lights, tinsel, and holiday-themed knick-knacks go on sale right after Christmas. Perfect if you’re on a budget, you’ve just moved and need new supplies.

Buy children’s winter clothes

It feels like your kids grow up in the blink of an eye. Stay ahead of the game and save money by buying coats, hats, sweaters, and boots in a size or two up. January clearance sales have stores slashing prices on winter apparel for adults too so you can treat yourself as well.

Don’t buy winter sports equipment

January is still cold enough to ski so stores aren’t reworking their pricing for these items just yet. If you are bargain hunting, wait until March or April to buy any winter sports equipment.

Don’t buy mattresses

You’re better off going mattress shopping in February or on Presidents’ Day. January won’t see a fall in prices.

Don’t buy small household appliances

Things like coffee makers and microwaves are not likely to be on sale after the holidays. Wait until Presidents’ day to get a good deal.