Black Friday is not the only time you can find amazing deals and discounts. If you’re looking for gifts for someone or yourself, there are several incredible offers you can snag throughout the month of December. Before you add items to your cart, check out the list below to see what you should and should not buy in December.


Holiday Decor

If you want to score great deals on holiday decor, shop a day after the holiday. There are plenty of After Christmas Sales where you can buy holiday décor for cheap. Around this time, you can expect the prices to drop as low as 75% at multiple stores. Sometimes, these heavily discounted sales pop-up just a few days before Christmas. So, keep an eye out for them.  

Toys and Video Games

December is the best time of the year to score incredible deals on video games and toys. If you don’t find any great offers on toys of your choice in early December, ensure you keep your eyes peeled during After Christmas sales. You can expect retailers to have a handful of sales worth shopping.  

Last year, Walmart® offered up to 80% off on toys in late December and early January. Amazon had up to 50% off on toys during an After Christmas sale. PlayStation offered up to 50% off select titles, Target® gave an extra 25% off video games around December 30, and Nintendo offered a whopping 90% off online. If you’re looking for other games, check out stores like Barnes & Noble that may offer 50% off on board games again this year.


Winter Clothing

While December may have numerous deals on winter clothing, wait until January. This is because in January, retailers will be clearing out stocks of gloves, coats, socks, scarves, and other winter gear to make room for spring clothing. It is during this time that prices on winter apparel are surprisingly low.  

Exercise Equipment   

If you wait until January, you can find amazing discounts on exercise equipment. Retailers offer incredible deals to lure customers with health-related New Year’s resolutions. Make the most of these sales if you’re planning to buy new equipment.

Linen Products

If you don’t find great deals on linen in the month of December, check back during the first month of the year. You may find a fair number of offers on sheets, towels, bedding, and other linen items.