TurboTax and H&R Block are the two most popular tax filing software available right now, but which one should you choose? Here, we’ve compared the two offerings to help you pick the right one. 

Ease of use

H&R Block’s software interface is simple, easy to use, and straightforward. There are also steps that explain various concepts along the way. You can skip to specific spots if you want to, but a banner on the top will help you keep track of where you stand. The embedded “learn more” links will provide you information when needed. There’s also a chat support portal that you can access throughout. 

TurboTax’s interface works like a chat that you’ll have with a tax preparer. You can skip around if you so wish to and a banner that runs along the side will help you keep a track of where you were. There are a number of explainers, tips, and other resources that help you through the process. Clicking on the help buttons will let you connect with on-screen help, a searchable knowledge base, and more. 


H&R Block’s Online Assist version gets you on-demand, unlimited access to sessions with an account, tax professional, or enrolled agent, at any point during the tax filing process. Keep in mind that the tax pro will not sign, review, or e-file the returns for you. 

One of the best features of TurboTax is the TurboTax Live option, which offers a one-to-one review with a professional before you file your taxes. You also get unlimited tax advice throughout the year. 


Both TurboTax and H&R Block offer free versions of their software to users. However, signing up for the paid versions will get you better support and more services. 

What should you choose?

Both software programs offer abundant features and capabilities. Make sure to review the key features and prices of each program, before you make your choice.